Rogier Wieland

PINC (after the conference)

News | 18 May 2009

The Pinc conference was amazing! Very inspiring and very well organised. It was a lot of fun and I met some interesting people.

It was all impressing: The amazing stories of Joshua Klein, the hilarious tv-moments of television presenter/producer Martin Heylen, the extraordinary example of what cooperation can achieve by Tiina Urm, the brilliant Designers Accord by Valerie Casey, the small and big surprises, the first speaker, Seth Shostak, with a wonderful presentation about the chances that alien life exists, the sad announcement that former speaker Ben Underwood past away, Bas Heijne with his explanation of his favourite painting, the delicious breakfast, lunch and diners (and food in between), the impressive exhibition designs by Peter Slavenburgs NorthernLight...

I’ll definitely be there next year!!

  • The speakers at Pinc.10 Photo by Gerlinde de Geus

PINC.10 (2009)

News | 26 April 2009

On 12 May 2009 I will be one of the speakers at the 10th PINC conference in Zeist, the Netherlands.

If you hurry you might be able to get the last tickets available.

2008 Red Stick Animation Award

News | 24 March 2009

Today I received my 2008 Red Stick International Animation Festival Trophy for Best Music Video for the video for “Whatcha got” by Trenchcoat.

I’m so proud!

I’d like to thank everyone who always believed in me.

Politicians before 1900 9 videos

Work | 1 November 2008

For Italian media company Ovo I made a series of short documentaries about politicians from before 1900. The videos are part of the online video encyclopedia Watch more >

Victor Adler (excerpt of a 3 minute video)